The team

Experts in Biogas

Biogas Engineering has brought together a team of professionals who are specialised in a wide range of disciplines, highly capable of managing your entire project, from the initial feasibility study to the final inspection of your plant.

The qualified professionals in our team can provide you with a full plant design in terms of building, thermo-hydraulics, mechanics and electrics with tailored assistance during the construction phase.

What's more, we are continually collaborating with external professionals in researching innovative technological solutions.

The team follows all the main phases:

  • feasibility study
  • business plan
  • development of ad hoc solutions for the clients individual needs
  • financing support
  • authorisation procedure
  • executive project
  • final project
  • construction of plant
  • supervision of works
  • assistance on the building site during construction
  • system testing
  • process monitoring
  • organic support
  • routine maintenance
  • technical consulting/plant management

We offer technical solutions flexible and targeted, analyzing with care of input data provided in order to design a sized system for real customer needs”