Filter biogas

Biogas filter - "FB ULTRA"


The biogas generated in anaerobic digesters and landfills is saturated with water and contains small solid particles in suspension, elemental sulphur dust and other contaminants, therefore efficient filtration is necessary before using it.

Failure to remove these impurities may actually cause devices and processes downstream of the filter to malfunction, increasing maintenance costs and downtime.

Our FB Ultra filter has been designed by our team to ensure high efficiency in the removal of pollutants and particulates.

This is possible thanks to the housing in series of three different filter elements, each with its own specific function.


"The final product is perfectly clean biogas"

Technical specifications

The filter consists of a lower tank for collecting biogas condensation, which also acts as a hydraulic guard, and three filtration layers:

  • 1st LAYER composed of filling bodies with the job of trapping moisture and stopping the coarsest impurities;
  • 2nd LAYER has the job of stopping the impurities passed through the filling bodies and any elemental sulphur dust resulting from biological desulphurisation;
  • 3rd LAYER with the job of also capturing ammonia residues.
Scheda Tecnica - Filtro Biogas
Scheda Tecnica - Filtro Biogas

Mode of operation:

The gas enters the condensation collection tank through an internal pipe in the filter, where it spreads and begins to rise through the three filtering layers until it exits through the specific outlet.

The filter is equipped with a draining valve with suitable safety system to prevent the escape of biogas.

Filter application area