AD-bag plant

  • Solutions for small plants
  • Solution low cost
  • Quick to install

Biogas Engineering together with Demetra have been able to design a system that is quick to install, easy to manage and guarantees maximum reliability in biogas yields.

This new technology has been called  ADbag the easy way to biogas.

The system consists mainly of a fbc (2) in a fibre-reinforced plastic material which has the function of a fermenter, a supply tank (1), a storage device (7) (gasometer) and a container which contains a congenerartor unit (5), a heating system (6) (skid), a pumping system and a control system (4) for the entire apparatus with suitable electrical connections, sensors and actuators.

The biomass to be processed is added into the supply tank, then it issent into the fibc where, thanks to a water jet recycle system (3), it is mixed.

The biogas formed inside the fibc is sent to the cogenerator unit where electric and thermal energy is produced.

The installation of the ADbag system requires an area of approximately 50x30mt; the ground must be partially excavated to create an area for the fibc to be positioned.

The soil from the excavation will be used to build the containment walls of the fibc.

The entire process is monitored and managed remotely by our technicians via an internet connection.

The complete installation of this system takes about 30 working days.

The ADbag system can be made with fibc with diameters of 12, 15 and 18 m.

With the aforementioned diameters, it is possible to supply the cogenerator units of about 30kW, 50kW, 70kW therefore it is to be used mainly for small biogas plants.

Realization pilot plant ad-bag

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