What is biomethane


a steady and durable energy source"

The biomethane derived from biogas and is a gas comparable to natural gas, thanks to its qualities.

The raw biogas has a methane content of 50% -60%, and it is for this that is subjected to a purification and refining process called upgrading, this treatment is the main phase for the conversion of biogas to biomethane.

Biomethane so formed will have a high content of methane (CH4) equal to 95% and a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other impurities.

* Characteristics BIOGAS and BIOMETHANE:

  • Natural gas: Reduction in imports of fossil fuels.
  • Less emissions: The greenhouse gas emissions decrease.
  • Solution: To remedy the frequent problems of congestion of the lines that beset the national power grid.
  • Increased efficiency: Increase overall system efficiency.
  • Sustainability: Developement and environmental sustainability.