Our GreenHeart plants, designed originally for soils with low bearing capacity, have become our flagship in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.
Our agricultural plants may have different capacities depending on the size of the agricultural business, ranging from 50kW up to 1MW and higher, i am also able to handle different types of biomass.
Our waste plant is an integrated solution that ensures benefit is obtained from the biomass added. The organic part of municipal solid waste, food waste and out-of-date food are extremely effective organic matter for anaerobic digestion.
Our AD-BAG plants have been designed with an innovative system that is quick to install, easy to manage and guarantees maximum reliability in biogas yields.
Separatice - San carlo - Copia

The main objective of our Separator (BESC) is to obtain pumpable material free from plastic and other materials to supply the digesters.

Our BESC is designed to collect the organic material particularly suitable as fuel to ensure efficient operation of the biogas plant, with the task of carefully removing any plastic... read more >>>


Thanks to this pilot plant, we can determine the yield of biogas on various feed mixtures in order to ensure reliability and then proceed to the actual design of anaerobic digestion plants... read more >>>



To ensure optimal operation of the plant Biogas Engineering offers a support service, our technical staff is avaiable to the customer 24h-24h.

Also provides assistance to biogas plants outside its achievements, of any type and power supply... read more >>>

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