Plant operation

It simply is self-sufficient

Every day, through a feeding system, the biomass to be treated is sent inside the digester, balancing its dosage is a fundamental step to obtain maximum yields.


The digesters that we offer are hermetically sealed reinforced concrete tanks with a walkable slab, they can be circular or rectangular in shape, thanks to our flexibility we are able to create not only digesters with the slab but also the classic digesters with a gasometric dome.


Inside the digester takes place anaerobic digestion, the main activity for the production of biogas, which is generated through a biochemical process conducted by anaerobic bacterial strains.


The biogas formed is sent inside a gasometer (pressostatic accumulator for biogas) which has the function of absorbing any production variations.


Once the biogas reaches the cogenerator (engine), it is transformed into:

Electrical energy, which is transferred to the national grid.

Thermal energy, used to maintain the process temperature constant and also to heat of some premises (e.g. homes, offices, greenhouses).

With the installation of special software, the entire system is remotely monitored by specialized technicians in order to keep the correct progress and operation of the entire process under control.


The remaining waste left over from the entire process is called digested and consists of a solid and a liquid part.

This by-product can be used as an excellent fertiliser and can be used on fields instead of chemical fertilisers


Anaerobic Digestion

Energy - Heat


Biogas plant process diagram