Container system

Simplicity in creating the system

Reduced construction times

Minimal management costs

Simple plant management

All the technology in a container

Biogas Engineering has developed a system called “Container System“, where all the main technology for the operation of the plant is contained inside a container.

We propose this Container System to small-medium sized farms, who want to build a small biogas plant from 100kW to 300kW.   


The containerized system that Biogas Engineering proposes is a simple, easy and quick solution to install, thus considerably reducing the construction times, up to 3 months and your biogas plant is ready to be put into operation.


The container is built on a special pre-installed structure, is paneled with sound-absorbing, soundproofed and insulating material, resistant to fire, internal lighting and large doors are provided to facilitate maintenance operations; the color of the paint is chosen by the customer.

The container inside is divided into three rooms:

  • Cogenerator room, where the generator (engine-cogenerator) is present.
  • Controll room, where there is the electrical control panel for managing the cogenerator and the command and control panel for managing the system.
  • Biogas treatment room, where there is the Combi series skid designed and built by Biogas Engineering. 

Cogenerator room

Controll room

Biogas treatment room

Container system an excellent solution

Biogas Engineering for small agricultural biogas plants from 100kW to 300kW, has thought of an ad hoc plant solution, which includes:

  • a single digester in reinforced concrete, with low consumption mechanical mixing;
  • covering the digester with a reinforced concrete slab, to limit heat losses and improve safety conditions;
  • cylindrical gasometer, which can be installed in the slab in the digester or on the ground;
  • technology (for systems from 200 kW to 300 kW), inside a container, containing:
    • biogas treatment equipment;
    • the drain / recirculation pump;
    • the exchanger for the digester heating;
    • the control room for process control.
  • cogeneration (for plants from 200 kW to 300 kW), inside a container, containing:
    • the motor-alternator module, complete with heat exchange equipment;
    • the electrical panel of the engine;
    • the BT / MT transmitter.

"Container system, suitable for small agricultural plants from 100 kW to 300 kW"

For 100 kW biogas plants we offer a single container containing the technology and cogeneration (see photo)