Pre-processing of organic waste

Can we remove plastic? Of course we can!

Our decades of experience in the field of municipal waste has allowed us to develop a machine capable of separating plastics called BECS (Biogas Engineering Centrifugal Separator).


It is a machine that can handle different types of material from separate collection, expired food, bottled and / or coated with nylon packaging.


Our BECS has been designed to collect organic material that is particularly suitable as a feed for the proper functioning of the biogas / biomethane plant, with the aim of accurately removing the plastics.

"This machine can only be used with organic materials, mostly from selective waste collections"

The device is equipped with three operating units:

The first is a hopper into which the waste is loaded by a mechanical spoon. At the bottom of the hopper is a pair of worm screws which rotate against each other.  Their function is to:

  • Shred plastic bags;
  • Partially dissolve and mix the waste together;
  • Crush other undesirable material.

The second unit consists of a vertically positioned chamber which receives partially crushed waste and further separates it centrifugally.  Inside the chamber there is a vertical worm screw, which is encased in a metal grate and rotates at high speed. The metal grate tears the plastic bags to even smaller pieces and the rotation causes the plastic material to be transported upwards, where it falls out and is collected. Organic material, on the contrary, flies horizontally, falls through sieves and accumulates at the bottom.


The last component is the collection tank of the organic fraction, where it is present inside a mixing auger so as to maintain the most homogeneous material can then use it as a power plant material.

Other heavier, undesirable material can be further separated by decanting.


"The main objective of our BECS separator machine is to obtain a pumpable material to feed the digesters without plastics and aggregates, the system allows to better integrate the anaerobic digestion and composting process, in particular for organic waste and expired food "

BESC in operation

In the video side by side, you can see our car BECS separator during operation in all its phases, from the load of waste with the shovel, the separation of plastic until obtaining the organic fraction, which will later be used as material power for a 1MW biogas plant.

Watch the video!