Skid Heating

Heating series skid

The “HEATING” series skid has three main parts:


  • The external water circuit that allows extraction of water at a high temperature from boilers or heat recovery of co-generators and conveyance to the hydraulic separator.
  • The internal water circuit that extracts water from the hydraulic separator and conveys it to the water-sludge heat exchanger.
  • The process material circuit that extracts material from the digester and conveys it to the water-sludge heat exchanger for heating.

Supply includes:

  • Two pumps for the water circuit.
  • Hydraulic separator.
  • Concentric tube water-sludge heat exchanger.
  • Process material circulation pump.
  • Temperature meters.
  • Pressure gauges and thermometers.

On request the “Heating” series can be also adapted for the heating of loads external to the Biogas / Biomethane plant with the installation of a manifold with 2 or more outputs. All our Skids are supplied with a command and control panel.

Technical data