About us

Biogas Engineering an innovative and experienced partner

Established in 2005, Biogas Engineering Srl is an entirely Italian company specialized in the design, construction, management and assistance of biogas and biomethane plants, as renewable energy sources.


Thanks to our work experience, our professionalism and flexibility gained over the years, Biogas Engineering is able to operate in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to industrial to waste organic.


We manage the entire order from the feasibility study of the initiative to the final testing of the system, we design and build systems with various potentials from 50kW to 1000kW and over.   


The technology we use makes the system innovative and avantgarde, always offering advantageous and economical solutions.


For the construction of the plant, Biogas Engineering offers two solutions:

  • the classic turnkey construction where we take care of everything.
  • the alternative, on the other hand, is the subdivision of the various works (construction, plumbing, electrical, etc.) in this case it is the customer who chooses who to entrust the work to, while remaining within our design lines. The customer can thus have an economic saving on the construction cost as he can entrust the work to companies he trusts.

The company has so far carried out and managed about 40 projects, the number of realizations is constantly increasing, since there are already orders in place in the authorization and construction phase.


Biogas Engineering is focusing a lot in European countries and beyond, to which it offers innovative and economically advantageous technologies.






“We believe that biogas is the way forward, as not only does it provide an answer to environmental problems and make the most of waste, organic by-products and agro-zootechnical materials, but it is also a good income opportunity for its investors”