The biomethane supply chain

The transformation of biogas into biomethane

Biomethane, being a derivative of biogas, uses the same feeding system and its own organic matrices, vegetable biomass, animal waste, slaughterhouse waste, sewage sludge, organic waste, etc.


As with biogas, the main process for biomethane is the anaerobic digestion developed inside the digester. 


The biogas produced is subjected to an upgrading process (purification and refining) the final result of this treatment is the production of biomethane, which in turn is divided into the following classifications:

Biomethane for the natural gas network

Liquid biomethane – GNL

Compressed biomethane – GNC

The material obtained from the anaerobic process is called digestate, it is subjected to a post-treatment in order to obtain a quality fertilizer.


Anaerobic Digestion



Agricultural biomethane plant process diagram

Waste biomethane plant process diagram