Green Heart

Our Green Heart plant

Our Green Heart plants, designed originally for soils with low bearing capacity, have become our flagship in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.


The supply system is made up of 4 tanks each with a specific function:

  • rainwater accumulation;
  • water accumulation for fire-fighting purposes;
  • supply tank, where the mixture to be sent to the digesters is formed;
  • storage of co-supply liquids;

The low consumption is due to the absence of internal mixing, in fact these plants utilise the principle of stratification as shown in the image on the side.


The fresh biomass is added at the top and the spent biomass is collected from the bottom of the digester. By operating in this way, the fresh biomass is always located on the free surface thus facilitating biogas development.


The spent biomass that settles on the bottom will be re-added into the next digester, or heated and re-added into the same digester with internal reuse.

The recycled biomass is indicated in brown - the fresh biomass supply is indicated in green

Example Green Heart plant