Agricultural Plant

Value to matrices

Increased income

Respect for the environment

An income opportunity for your farm

The production of electrical and thermal energy from biomass has over the years, to all intents and purposes, become an agricultural activity.


Thanks to incentives, a biogas plant can be a further source of income for farmers by increasing the multifunctionality of an agricultural business, allowing them to make profit and invest in the ecological modernisation of production systems.


The transformation into biogas / biomethane of agricultural by-products and livestock waste is a completely positive aspect for the company, as it enhances its own “waste” products, usually a problem for the disposal issue.


Our agricultural plant

Since every customer has different needs, Biogas Engineering have created an agricultural plant able to handle different types of biomass from manure to specific crops as well as by-products, this is to ensure greater flexibility for customers in running the plant, as they may change the supply mixture over the years.


Agricultural plants may have different capacities depending on the size of the agricultural business, ranging from 50kW up to 1000kW and over.


Biogas Engineering for small agricultural biogas plants from 100kW to 300kW, proposes a system called “Container System“, a simple, easy and quick solution to install, thus significantly reducing the construction time, up to 3 months and your plant is ready for be put into operation (for more info about our “Container System” click here).

These small biogas plants allow biomass to be treated with ease, giving sustainability to the farm, as their operation goes only with the organic matrices available to the company, without having to resort to external biomass and without subtracting destined crops to animal feed.

Example agricultural biogas plant

Example agricultural biomethane plant