Skid biogas

Skid biogas

Our SKID, has two section:

  • treatment and pumping the biogas “BIOGAS TREATMENT”
  • heating process “HEATING”

The two sections “biogas treatment” and “heating” can be supplied separately or in series, in the latter case the skid is named “COMBI“.


Both technologies have been developed to meet a wide range of plant sizes:

  • Biogas capacity from 25 to 600 m3/h;
  • Biogas pumping from 50 to 200 mbar;
  • Heating outputs from 50 to 1200 kWt;

All our Skid have command and control panels for monitoring and adjusting flow, temperature and pressure, so as to offer a product as technologically advanced as it is safe and efficient.

Skid types

"With our skid, half of the technology needed for your biogas / biomethane plant is provided to you in a single compact and ready-to-install solution"